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Posts made in July, 2015

Creating The Perfect Vignette

In the design world, a vignette essentially means a display or an arrangement of selected items that are pleasing together and which can be placed around your home. Creating vignettes throughout your home can be tons of fun and you can display them on countless surfaces. They add an element of character to a room and create a “homey” vibe. I hope to share with you a handful of tips and tricks to help you create that perfect vignette!   Odd numbers are the way to go. They are more pleasing to the eye and also easier to work with. Trying to make a vignette work with more than 5 items can make it appear cluttered and not put together. Create a theme and one that goes well with the existing items in the room. If you’re setting up a vignette in your dining room and the room already has an existing summer beach vibe don’t go with a dark, heavy and overpowering vignette.  Instead, choose something complimentary, something light airy and fresh! Use varying heights and textures. Different heights in a vignette create interest and it helps the eye move around the piece.  If you need to elevate an item don’t be scared to get creative – you can use a stack of books, a cake stand or a decorative box! Trays are a wonderful way to marry all of your chosen pieces. They make vignettes appear more put together and united. One last tip – once you are done creating your vignette take a picture of it! A picture can sometimes help you visualize the composition and whether it is working in your favour.  ...

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From Trash to Treasure

Before you kick that old wooden door to the curb, are you in need of a headboard? Sometimes your belongings may seem like they’ve run their course, but maybe they are just crying out for another purpose.  There are countless ways to repurpose previously loved items and here are a few ideas to get you inspired.      

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Gain by Getting Rid of Bulk

Get rid of unnecessary bulk in your home and watch your space open up instantly.Ditch the billowy drapes and frame your windows with photos to balance the empty space.   Multiple pillows stacked on your sofa aren’t necessary, and by cutting down to one or two you will create more surface space, therefore more visual space. Another simple and easy way to gain surface/visual space is by ridding your table of large and overpowering vignettes. Instead, choose low profile items arranged on a simple tray or even dare to go bare! Select furniture with open bottoms or made of glass to create more floor space. The more floor surface you can see, the larger your room will look!    ...

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Add some life into your home!

Bring the outdoors in by adding plants and flowers to your space. Plants add an element of life and create a fresh, organic atmosphere. Potted floor plants are an easy way to create a statement piece in your home as well as incorporating fresh vibrancy into your room’s colour pallet. Hanging terrariums filled with moss, rocks and other greenery are another trendy way to bring the outdoors in!      

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