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Posts made in August, 2015

Reasons to hire an interior designer

Inspiration to create stunning interior spaces is easy to find thanks to countless sources, most popular ones being Houzz, HGTV, and Pinterest.  These sources are perfect for helping people come across great ideas, find their personal style and get excited, but it takes a true professional designer to properly implement the vision. Below are 5 reasons why hiring an interior designer is a good idea:   Project management: Throughout their careers, interior designers build strong relationships with professional and reliable electricians, painters, architects, plumbers and other contractors who you can trust. When you hire an interior designer to manage your projects your headaches are eliminated, all of the details are taken care of. Solve any problems: An experienced designer is trained to come up with solutions to problems quickly and efficiently.  When an inexperienced homeowner comes across a testing dilemma, it takes more time to find a way to fix it and gives way for more mistakes to be made and more money to be spent. Save time and even money: Scale and proportion as well as paint colours are two of the most common ways people end up spending money to fix bad choices. For amateur designers, purchasing pieces of furniture the right size to fit properly in their home and choosing appropriate colours can be a challenge.  Don’t waste your time and money with trial and error, hire a professional and have it done right the first time! Keep you on track: There are endless design possibilities and they come in different styles and price ranges.  It can get very overwhelming to a nonprofessional when faced with too many options.  As interior designers we listen carefully to the goals you have for your home and with that we create the perfect design to reflect your personal style while staying in your time frame price range. Knowing what’s best: Designers know what is helping homes sell and what design choices aren’t contributing anything to the value of the home.  By hiring a professional and reliable interior designer, you can ensure that the right products and finishes will be chosen and the right aspects of your home will be focused on.  There is money to be made when you choose to hire an experienced professional.  ...

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Defining elements of the modern rustic style

Rustic warmth and charm combined with modern amenities seems to be what everyone is buzzing about.  Personally, I love modern and rustic interiors, so putting these two together is a no-brainer.  I love modern features with clean lines and the character that rustic elements add to the space! The key to a modern rustic space is an open concept floor plan, large windows with natural light, preserved and exposed natural architectural elements, and modern furniture.  The colour scheme in a modern rustic interior is very simple and neutral, bringing the outdoors in. An important factor when creating a modern rustic space is preserving original architectural details in the home like wooden beams or that old stone wall.  If you are building new, try using reclaimed wood, exposing your beams, or adding a stone fireplace. The natural ambiance of a modern rustic home can be further expressed in your choice of linens, upholstery and rugs. Common choices include neutral tones in simple fabrics, such as sisal and jute, with little to no pattern.  If this is a style you love, keep your furniture as neutral as possible and, if desired, add pops of subtle pattern and colour with throw pillows and blankets. An important thing to remember is to let the rustic elements shine in the architectural details while maintaining a balance with modern elements such as furnishings.  While this is the general rule, one thing you may choose to keep predominantly modern is the kitchen design.  You can even use those clean lines you love! The convenience and style of the modern interior, with all of the charm and warmth of rustic living makes this style one I adore.  ...

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Get your home ready for fall

Fall is just around the corner and its time to begin getting your home ready for the cooler weather. Get a jump-start on preparing your home and plan ahead. Here are a few easy ways to get started. Start incorporating fall colours into your décor. Toss colours like brown, red, orange and gold through out your home to create a cozy atmosphere. Replace your pillow covers and look for new decorative accessories such as throw cushions for your sofa as well as to toss on your bed. You can create seasonal vignettes to display with items like leaves, pinecones and cinnamon. Replace your tableware with new dishes, placemats and table runners that will look inviting, cozy and ideal for serving up your hearty soups! In the bedroom, look to update your drapes with heavier fabrics to block out that chilly night air.   Look for a new plush, thick duvet and add a cover on it with a beautiful cozy fall pattern. Also, adding a faux fur throw blanket across your bed is a great simple way to instantly warm up your space. Get organized.  The cooler weather brings with it more layers, heavy jackets, boots and scarves.  You want to keep your front entry as neat as possible.  All of these extra items need a place to go and a bench by the entry with storage underneath for shoes and boots is a great way to utilize a space to its fullest.  Put stylish coat hooks above the bench as well for those addition layers like scarves and hats!      ...

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It’s all about wallpaper

Wallpaper has come along way since first being used to cover all four walls floor to ceiling.  Today, wallpaper isn’t even being used strictly on walls.  There are so many ways you can have fun with wallpaper and get creative!  If you have a tired looking bookshelf in your home, bring it back to life and try adding some wallpaper with a bold colour to the shelves.  Even ceilings welcome wallpaper these days, if your office is lacking that pop of interest; try applying geometric patterned wallpaper to the ceiling! I love the endless possibilities and below are a few I’m going to have to try!    

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Creating a Feature Wall

Feature walls are a great way to inject character and personality into your home. They create a focal point of interest and add energy to a room. An important thing to consider when choosing a wall is whether that wall is worth highlighting. If you choose a wall with a lot of windows or doors, it can take away from the overall effect. Try choosing a wall that your eye naturally is drawn to when entering the room or a wall that frames your favourite piece of furniture. There are many different ways to execute a feature wall.  You can choose anything from wall decals in a kid’s room to full wall murals in the dining room or even a stunning custom fireplace. Design a feature wall that compliments the rest of the room while still standing out! Have fun and get creative when designing a feature wall in your home. Keep in mind that a feature wall is effective because it is an accent. Here are some photos of feature walls to get you inspired!  ...

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