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Posts made in September, 2015

Colour Psychology: Green

The colours that surround you in your home have a big affect on your general mood and thoughts. The affects that colour has on someone can vary between genders and ages, also ethnic backgrounds and local climate, but certain colours tend to get the similar reactions for most people. The colour green is considered to be the most restful colour to the eye. The combination of calming blue and joyful yellow creates a mixture perfect for a serene bedroom oasis. When it comes time to be trendy, colours are hard to choose because they come and go. As an interior designer, a tip I have for homeowners is to remember to stay focused on colours that make you feel good and reflect your personality. Here are 3 beautiful green bedrooms I’d love to wake up to.  ...

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8 Stunning Dark Kitchens

A bright, white, fresh kitchen is a very popular choice and the majority of my clients prefer that vibe, but today we are dedicating this blog to the luscious dark kitchens that are rocking it out there! It doesn’t take an interior designer to appreciate the beauty in these kitchens. The detail and character in every single one makes me want to get my hands on a project like these!    

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Inspiration: Bright and Fun Staircases!

Places in your home like the staircases, mudrooms and hallways don’t get used as much as say the kitchen or living room, but it’s not a place you should look past when designing your home!  These small spaces display a great opportunity to add a pop of joyful colour and interest in your home.  There are project where hiring a professional interior designer would be a smart move, but some of the following can be a fun DIY project you can try on your own!    

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Come on in! Tips on creating an inviting home

Ding-dong! It’s the doorbell and the sound that gets most homeowners looking around to making sure everything is as perfect as it was ten minutes ago. It can seem like no matter how much preparation goes into having guests over you could have gone one step further. Well, what are those steps, tricks and tips? Here are 10 that will make your guest feel more than welcome!   Entrance Start with your entrance and have it create that inviting tone. A bright welcome mat or an inviting door sign can work wonders! Consider your guests first view once they walk into your home. The far wall across from your front door can be a prime spot to incorporate a bold accent colour in your home. This will create the sense of exploration and interest into your home and almost literally draw them in. Also, a good tip is to add greenery in your foyer! It can be displayed on a nice stand or even draped off of a console table. This will give your guests a fresh breath of life as soon as they enter your home. Seating Arrangements One of the first things you’ll offer while your guests are settling in is if they’d like a seat and to make themselves at home. A disorganized obstacle course for a living room can be a big turn off and make guests uncomfortable. Keep your seating arrangements clutter free and easy to navigate through. Your home should be obstacle free from the front door to main areas of your home to create an inviting mood! Another good tip for your seating areas is to incorporate a lot of soft textiles! Go for plush rugs, soft ottomans and deep furniture. Soften harsh lines A lot of harsh straight lines can work against your goal of trying to create an inviting space. If you are like me, you love clean lines, but sometimes you can go overboard.  Incorporating round elements in spaces with a lot of harsh straight lines to balance everything out.  You can try using a round rug or tossing a throw blanket over the corner of a sofa to break up a straight line. Add Character Last, but not least, don’t forget to create a space that feels like you!  Even if it’s tiny, small details sprinkled around your home, guests will get the sense that someone lives here day in and day out and cherishes this home, which they most likely will too.    ...

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Moving On Up: Attics

It’s time to stop thinking of your attic as that old, dusty space in your home that you avoid at all costs. Once you get the thumbs up from your contractor that your attic space can be finished, there are unlimited ways to transform that space to be beautiful and most importantly, functional!  Whether you choose to convert your attic into a bedroom, office or even a walk-in closet you are getting rid of unwanted and unused space (an interior designers pet peeve, wasted space!).          

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