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Posts made in October, 2015

Monochromatic Interiors

While colour is always exciting to use in interior decorating, using many colours but not using colour is very on trend currently. This simply means people are decorating their spaces using monochromatic colours – light and similar shades of neutrals, yet still different colours: lots of shades of grey, beige, soft greens and blues and accents of browns. This trend will keep your décor timeless and you won’t have to change much of it in the near future.  

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Using Vintage Décor in the Home

Have any old family heirlooms lying around that you would love to display? Vintage décor is something everyone can always count on in interior design, so what’ the best way to use these great pieces? Try mixing some of your vintages with less traditional décor and the piece will suddenly look like it belongs in your space. Mix the aging colours of your vintage piece with sharp colours like black or white and your décor will instantly pop! Don’t think of vintage as old, but as chic. Decorating with vintage pieces can actually make your space look very modern.  

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How To Choose a Great Colour Scheme

One of the most difficult tasks for people decorating is choosing a colour scheme that 1) they love 2) they can live with. Sometimes it’s really easy for people to choose their favourite colour and use every shade of it for one space. The key is that less is more. Balance is an important part of a space and that includes the colour scheme. Choose a colour that you absolutely love and then make sure you get the right shade of that colour. Then add a complimentary colour and a contrasting colour. Then you can slowly add neutral pieces. Then your space will come to life!  

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The Coffee Cart

This is exactly what it sounds like – a stylish place to store all your coffee essentials. Why is this idea genius? If you’re a big coffee drinker then a coffee cart allows for easy access to your mugs and favourite flavours. This can also make for a really great vignette for when you have guests over. It will give you the opportunity to show off a nicer set of coffee cups and maybe some dessert plates. You can keep your overused dishware stored away in cabinets and won’t have to bust them out in front of your guests. Another great place for a coffee cart (or station) is in a guest bedroom! If you have guests over, they can have their morning coffee while getting ready if that’s what they prefer. Adding things like stirrers, trays and containers for coffee beans (or discs for those who have the single cup machines) will tie the look together....

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Patterns & Prints

Solid colours are pretty easy to stick by when there are millions of patterned fabrics out there that can be so overwhelming! A great way to add patterns to your space is with accent chairs or pillows. If the rest of your space is extremely neutral, try to go bold with your choices. This will make the space look modern and edgy and everyone will think you hired a professional! If you’re unsure of how to mix some patterns a good tip is to make sure both patterns have at least one of the same colour included.  

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