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Posts made in November, 2015

Modern Industrial

This design style has really become popular the last couple years as it mixes two very distinct styles. It’s edgy, rustic, and contemporary, and is versatile for both men and women. The worn-in mixed metals and reclaimed-looking woods look cool and casual and very loft-like. The simplicity in every element of this design style is what makes it so favourable. Modern industrial design will always look timeless.      

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Colourful Rugs

The area rug is an often forgotten about décor item because people just don’t think to decorate the floor. Rugs can be very warm and welcoming to a space and will immediately centralize an area in an open floor plan. If you are already a rug-lover, try using a bold, colourful one to make a statement! Rugs are extremely easy to change if you ever get bored of them and they come in a large variety of colours and patterns. Furniture tends to blend in to the flooring without a break so it’s a great way to add a subtle pop to your home.      

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Sofas in Colour

Selecting a sofa is a very big commitment, after all it’s usually where we spend our down time and we want to feel comfortable on it. This can mean different things for everyone. Because this commitment to a couch is so important, people often choose a sofa that is either neutral or simple so it’ll be “timeless”. Many people might be against this but selecting a bright sofa is a great way to make a modern statement. Colourful sofas seem to be the centre of attention in a space, which means that they’ll play off of whatever else is in the room. You can really have fun with this because everything will just belong without even trying. Place the bright sofa in a white space and add an accented wall with graphic patterned wallpaper. Add some contrasting throw pillows and accessories for big impact.    ...

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Farm Sinks

Farm sinks, also known as apron front sinks, were originally designed for comfort when spending a long span of time over the sink. The apron’s forward orientation eliminates the counter top therefore reducing strain on your back. The exposed front also allows for more internal space. Since most people tend to migrate in the kitchen, the farm sink’s traditional use has now been modernized; becoming a dramatic and architectural focal point in the kitchen.      

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Tips for Making a Small Space Seem Large

Sometimes interior design might seem like it’s only for people with enough space. Just because you have a smaller home, that does not mean you should ignore decorating. If you do not have the square footage to décor with large pieces, go up. Use tall and narrow furniture so the space doesn’t feel over crowded. Use chandeliers to define zones: minimal furniture will keep the space from feeling claustrophobic but then you can hang a large pendant light above to give the space depth. Some homes may have an extra, slightly awkward space transitioning from one room to the next. Don’t waste this space! Use the smaller spaces of the home for a lounging TV room. All you need is a cozy sofa, flat screen mounted to the wall or sitting on a small console, some colourful throw pillows and maybe a lamp for low lighting in the evening. While it’s true that lighter colours will make a space feel more open, white homes don’t have to feel bland. Add some bright, colourful, artsy and contemporary wall art to make the space feel alive. If you’re someone who likes to read a little before bed, mount those bedside lamps on the wall. Keep your nightstand decluttered and hang it above so you can still incorporate it in your vignette. In a narrow dining room, chairs can sometimes cause clutter. Benches along the wall are a great way to keep the space looking clean but also warm if you decide on an upholstered piece....

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