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Posts made in December, 2015

Decorating for the Holidays!

Decorating for the holidays is one of my favourite things about it. While you may already have your usual Christmas tree, don’t neglect the rest of the house! Incorporate the ‘everyday décor’ in your holiday decorating so it doesn’t look out of place. Add subtle holiday décor pieces to your existing décor such as holiday themed throw pillows, keeping it in the same colour scheme and that way it’ll fit right in. Many people also decorate their fireplace with stockings, garland, etc, but try making a fun banner with a simple phrase from one of your favourite Christmas songs and hang it in front of your fireplace. Garland does not have to be only used for the fireplace and staircase – try adding some along doorways or on top of large pieces like a piano. And when in doubt, add candles and ribbon. This screams Christmas....

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Minimal Design

While using fun knick-knacks and decor pieces to enhance a space can be great, the phrase ‘less is more’ can certainly apply to design. Minimal design isn’t about how much goes into the space, rather the statement that each piece brings to the space. Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard when adding the last touches to a space but minimal design is really all about the larger pieces.  

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Using Dark Trim

A very typical colour for door and window trim is white, simply because it’s neutral and goes with everything. So have you every considered going the complete opposite and painting them black? Black is just as neutral, and also goes with everything plus it has a BIG impact on your home. It frames the windows and doors, making the architecture of your home seem bolder.  

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Wall Paneling Designs

Wall paneling has come a long way since the ones in your parent’s basement and are truly an architectural feature! Wall panels can enhance your design style without over furnishing a space. Today there are so many designs to choose from, your space is sure to look unique.  

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Timeless Design Trends

No matter what your design style is, having a space that will stand the test of time is always on trend. Here are four timeless trends you can always rely on: 1. White Kitchens No matter the style of your kitchen, a white one will always look fresh paired with neutral walls and dark floors. 2. Black and White Colour trends will always come and go but black and white remains a classic contrasting duo. 3. Soft, Soothing Colours Many people like the idea of a tranquil master retreat and the best way to do this is including calm colours like light blues and greys. 4. Vintage Décor Distressed, or worn out pieces will never go out of style because it looks designer, and somehow modern....

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