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Posts made in January, 2016

The Recipe for the Perfect Kitchen Design

There are many unique ways to design the perfect kitchen. Today’s market allows for endless possibilities and with the help of a kitchen designer you can create the perfect kitchen for you. First, think about what you do in your kitchen. It may sound odd but everyone uses their kitchen differently – ask yourself: Who is using the kitchen? Who cooks most in the kitchen? Is it social, functional or both? Kitchen designs should be based on your family and entertaining make up: kids/no kids/entertaining groups or just you and a few others? Depending on what you do in your kitchen and how, your kitchen design should be functional for you. Be sure of your design style. A kitchen design should not only satisfy all your functional needs but also reflect your personality. Think about the colours you want (and the ones you don’t) and the type of detailing you’d like to see in the design. Storage is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. Without sufficient storage in a kitchen design, the kitchen can actually impair the functionality. It’s important when working with a kitchen designer to really think about how much and what kind of storage you need. Do you need deep drawers for pots and pans, a pantry, roll out drawers for Tupperware, a spice rack or a wine rack? Kitchen designers can make the most out of your available space to make your every day routine as easy as possible! The kitchen is used for different daily tasks so lighting is very important. If your kitchen design consists of a large island where all your meal prep and daily tasks occur, you may want to consider pendant lighting directly over the kitchen island. If you have an eat-in kitchen, you may want softer lighting over this area. As for the perimeter of the kitchen, pot lights; flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting, under and over cabinetry lighting are great options. Last but not least, be sure to add accessories to your kitchen design to make it feel like it belongs to you.   For more information on kitchen designs or to book a consultation, get in touch with us at (647) 967-6638 or via our contact...

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Infuse your winter interior design project with these home decor ideas

The cold winter weather can make many of us want to stay indoors, so infuse your winter interior design project with these home décor ideas: Cozy Knits: As the cold weather settles in, your interior design should look and feel soft. Be sure to keep an abundance of throw pillows and blankets nearby! I love nothing more than watching my favourite movie wrapped in the warmest blanket on a cold winter night. Warm Candles: Home décor doesn’t have to last 365 days a year. Instead of keeping a lamp on late into the evening, break out some candles for a warmer glow and it’ll feel like your warming up by the fire. Even during the day, these candles will make a beautiful centrepiece for your coffee table and for the perfect winter décor. Books: I believe in keeping a shelf full of books always adds to great interior design, however when the winter comes sometimes it can be nice to prop some on the coffee table or your nightstand. Statement Chairs: Large chairs with an ottoman to rest your feet at the end of a long day are the perfect way to relax every singe day of the winter season. Try incorporating an old fashioned rocking chair into your interior design project, or even a comfortable loveseat in a cozy corner of your home. This is the perfect place to wrap yourself in a blanket while reading those books. Nature Inspired Pieces: Nature-inspired pieces are always a great home décor idea during the holidays but don’t put away those branches and acorns just yet. These pieces are great for keeping around all winter long so your interior design project can turn into your perfect getaway cabin.   For more home décor ideas and interior design ideas or to book a consultation, get in touch with us at (647) 967-6638 or via our contact...

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Design Tips for Functional Laundry Rooms

Large laundry rooms are always great but sometimes the square footage doesn’t allow for it, still these rooms should be comfortable and attractive. Here are some tips for your tight space: Counter space: A place to fold your clothes is a must amongst pretty much everyone who does laundry. Keep the counter space out of the way by adding it on top of your machines Upper Storage: Some storage for your laundry needs can be added above your machines for easy access and clean up. Hanging Space: Add a rod next to your upper storage – or below it – so you can hang those clothes that don’t go in the dryer. Sinks: if having a sink in your laundry room is a must but not much room, try stacking front load machines to add a sink to the side. Laundry Baskets: Of course, there needs to be a place for the dirty, and clean, laundry to go. Set up your laundry baskets for easy access for the whole family...

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Creating a space for your kids!

Are you in need of a play room to keep your kids out of your hair. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate space for the kids: Storage: Kids usually have more toys than they know what to do with so do yourself a favour and keep it neat and tidy with some great storage bins that are easy for the kids to access and also put their things away. Chalkboard: A large chalkboard is a great place for kids to doodle, learn to write or keep from writing on the walls. Bookshelf: Whatever kind of shelf it may be, keep a place for your kids to grab some books to open. Soft Rug: A large, soft, colourful rug will keep the space playful and easy on the little ones if they happen to fall. A place to sit: A small table and some chairs for your kids to do their homework or read is a great idea to keep them in one place. Make sure this piece is fun for your kids – try bean bag chairs instead of traditional ones! Funky Lighting: Last but not least, put in a cool light fixture your kids will go nuts for. Whatever you choose to put in your kids playroom, the best tip is to make is perfect for YOUR kids. Let it be all about them and what they love so it’s a space to encourage their imagination....

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