Any interior design project requires careful pre-planning. A key consideration is light, for it can make or break a successful scheme. In essence, the lighting layout needs to compliment the right combination of textured surfaces to enhance the glow of a room by achieving the right balance of tone and temperature.

Some popular interior design trends for living spaces are:

ideas including a white themed living room.
theme used in this old meets new master bedroom.
Contrasting fabrics used to highlight smart but relaxed beautiful sitting room ideas.
Boxed lines used in this open plan hallway.
Sun filled dining room completed with rustic chandelier and glass table top
Beautiful corridor with ornate french doors leading into a classic hall.
Brick effect accent wall compliments quirky sofas and deep pile rugs for this unusual interior finish.
A large open plan living area designed utilizing high end beams and storage
Minimalist styled bedroom to generate ideas on accent walls using wood.
Open plan kitchen and sitting room complete with dining table.
Angled design styles used in this fashionable sleek living room with black patterned accent wall.
White effect and low mold fixings complete a stunning living room with balcony.
Pin striped couch used with light drapes and contrasting dark walls.
Simple accessories add flavour to this gorgeous low budget design
Plain walls highlight the contrast in this furniture. Add natural colour with the introduction of plants.
1. A sophisticated décor

A sophisticated décor is all about being well-tailored and balanced. It’s not about having ultra-expensive furniture – it’s about achieving a stylised, glamorous living environment that suits your unique personal taste.

2. Sleek monochrome

Sleek monochrome is a contemporary design that has risen in popularity in recent years. It’s a polished look that calls for a refined colour pallet consisting of no more than a couple of neutral tones. The calm and tranquil ambience of the décor is a huge draw while a few contrasting colours, textures and fabrics heighten the senses.

3. Warm metallics

In 2015/16, gold, bronze and brass are back more than ever. The trend of mixing metallic accessories is still very much in. It’s now time to take your brushed gold bowl out of the attic.

4. Style combination

Mixing the old and the new, the modern and the traditional, the rustic and the chic is a huge trend in 2015/16. Eclectic is the new word this year.

Sleek monochrome, a combination of styles or a luxurious look, what’s your preference? Or maybe you have something original in mind? Whatever your preferences, at Designs with Jessica, we can make your dream a reality. For more information about our design process, call us on 647-967-6638 or get in touch with us via our contact us page.

To find out more about our process or to book a consultation, get in touch with us at 647-967-6638 or via our contact us page