Creating The Perfect Vignette

In the design world, a vignette essentially means a display or an arrangement of selected items that are pleasing together and which can be placed around your home. Creating vignettes throughout your home can be tons of fun and you … Read More

From Trash to Treasure

Before you kick that old wooden door to the curb, are you in need of a headboard? Sometimes your belongings may seem like they’ve run their course, but maybe they are just crying out for another purpose.  There are countless … Read More

Gain by Getting Rid of Bulk

Get rid of unnecessary bulk in your home and watch your space open up instantly.Ditch the billowy drapes and frame your windows with photos to balance the empty space.   Multiple pillows stacked on your sofa aren’t necessary, and by … Read More

Add some life into your home!

Bring the outdoors in by adding plants and flowers to your space. Plants add an element of life and create a fresh, organic atmosphere. Potted floor plants are an easy way to create a statement piece in your home as … Read More