Farm Sinks

Farm sinks, also known as apron front sinks, were originally designed for comfort when spending a long span of time over the sink. The apron’s forward orientation eliminates the counter top therefore reducing strain on your back. The exposed front … Read More

Tips for Making a Small Space Seem Large

Sometimes interior design might seem like it’s only for people with enough space. Just because you have a smaller home, that does not mean you should ignore decorating. If you do not have the square footage to décor with large … Read More

Using Unique Light Fixtures

Light fixtures of course, are a necessity in any room as it provides light so we can see. While the function of lighting is important, the design should be too! The lighting is usually displayed somewhere in the centre of … Read More

Open Shelving

Traditionally, kitchens have cabinetry to store all your cooking and eating ware, where it’s all hidden neatly (or not) inside the cabinets so no one can see. A very modern and trendy design is having opening shelving in the kitchen, … Read More

Creating a Master Retreat

For many people, the bedroom is the only space in the house where you can unwind and truly relax. If this is the case, make your bedroom a tranquil retreating place so you can escape the chaos of life. The … Read More