3 things to consider when choosing a paint colour

Once you have finally decided, “yes!” to painting that room on your to do list, you are instantly faced with options and decisions to be made. If you are not an interior designer or certified colour expert, don’t worry! There are ways to narrow down your options and ways to take precautions to ensure a beautiful room.

A few things to consider when choosing a paint colour:


Consider your existing items!

Artwork, upholstery, rugs and don’t forget your flooring are great indicators for what direction of colour you should head in. Artwork in the room can hold great options of colours to choose from as well as accent pillows. If the room is not furnished, I suggest waiting to pick a paint colour until your main pieces are chosen. There is an unlimited stream of colours to choose from, so don’t limit your furniture choices!


Consider the mood

Consider the mood you are trying to achieve in the room.  If you want something restful, soft, cool colours or neutrals are the way to go. To attain a more energetic and social atmosphere, warmer and somewhat brighter colours are what you’re looking for. Although red might be your favourite colour in the entire world, if you want a soothing and relaxing room red just isn’t the right choice!


Take the colour for a test drive!

Colours are affected by what is surrounding it so don’t hold paint chips against a white wall, it can make it appear darker than it actually is. Instead, try holding your paint chips next to your hardwood flooring or an existing piece of furniture for a more accurate representation. Once you have narrowed down your options to one or two colours, paint chips are just not enough, am I right? Once you have a couple options or you are almost positive of the colour you want I suggest using a paint sample board to test out your colour. Small Wall ® sample board is a good option!



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