Using Unique Light Fixtures

Light fixtures of course, are a necessity in any room as it provides light so we can see. While the function of lighting is important, the design should be too! The lighting is usually displayed somewhere in the centre of … Read More

Open Shelving

Traditionally, kitchens have cabinetry to store all your cooking and eating ware, where it’s all hidden neatly (or not) inside the cabinets so no one can see. A very modern and trendy design is having opening shelving in the kitchen, … Read More

Creating a Master Retreat

For many people, the bedroom is the only space in the house where you can unwind and truly relax. If this is the case, make your bedroom a tranquil retreating place so you can escape the chaos of life. The … Read More

Monochromatic Interiors

While colour is always exciting to use in interior decorating, using many colours but not using colour is very on trend currently. This simply means people are decorating their spaces using monochromatic colours – light and similar shades of neutrals, … Read More

Using Vintage Décor in the Home

Have any old family heirlooms lying around that you would love to display? Vintage décor is something everyone can always count on in interior design, so what’ the best way to use these great pieces? Try mixing some of your … Read More

How To Choose a Great Colour Scheme

One of the most difficult tasks for people decorating is choosing a colour scheme that 1) they love 2) they can live with. Sometimes it’s really easy for people to choose their favourite colour and use every shade of it … Read More

The Coffee Cart

This is exactly what it sounds like – a stylish place to store all your coffee essentials. Why is this idea genius? If you’re a big coffee drinker then a coffee cart allows for easy access to your mugs and … Read More

Patterns & Prints

Solid colours are pretty easy to stick by when there are millions of patterned fabrics out there that can be so overwhelming! A great way to add patterns to your space is with accent chairs or pillows. If the rest … Read More

Go Neutral AND Bold!

To some people, black and white décor can be a little intimidating, but what’s so great about this colour combo is that it’s timeless, sophisticated, and modern all at the same time. If you’re not sure of what colours you … Read More

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