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The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home and perhaps the most complex to design. The challenge with bathroom design is creating a space that offers privacy, functionality and luxury. Often, bathrooms are set into awkward corners or overly spacious rooms of the house with irregular shapes. This can create functional & aesthetic challenges for the bathroom designer. Whether you want luxurious hotel-inspired bathrooms or a creatively designed rustic/chic space, you will need to make the right choices early in the bathroom design process to ensure you achieve your goals.

Large marble based bath tub, vanities and cabinets with wooden frames.
Grey wooden paneling finish this white wash tub and floor to ceiling mirror master piece.
Grey effect block walls including double shower head and tub in wet room setting.
Award winning his and hers sink and vanity design.
Heated wooden floors, wooden cabinetry and large mirrors complete this transitional style bathroom
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1. Setting the Stage for Bathroom Designs

In any bathroom design, creative use of space is very important. Bathrooms can be small so the comfort level and efficiency of the end result will depend on an “outside-the-box” attitude. Bathroom designs require creativity to ensure no space is wasted.

2. Choice of Materials by Bathroom Designers

It is very important to consider these two aspects when you select materials for a bathroom design project: functionality & esthetics. To choose materials that look good as well as being resistant to moisture (like natural stone & porcelain) is a must in a bathroom renovation.


3. Finishing touches

Next up, choosing the right bathroom fixtures is important to finish off a bathroom in style, whether you want to give it an ultra-luxurious feel or a simpler but unique impact.


4. Always think comfort when designing a bathroom

At the end of the day, a bathroom needs to be a beautiful space that welcomes you. After all, you’ll use it every day to make sure that you look your best - so comfort ranks as one of the key factors that you need to raise with your chosen interior design firm.


Designs With Jessica take all of these points into consideration during the interior design process. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled reputation and customer service when it comes to creating the best bathroom designs in Canada.


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