Creating a Feature Wall

Feature walls are a great way to inject character and personality into your home. They create a focal point of interest and add energy to a room.

An important thing to consider when choosing a wall is whether that wall is worth highlighting. If you choose a wall with a lot of windows or doors, it can take away from the overall effect. Try choosing a wall that your eye naturally is drawn to when entering the room or a wall that frames your favourite piece of furniture.

There are many different ways to execute a feature wall.  You can choose anything from wall decals in a kid’s room to full wall murals in the dining room or even a stunning custom fireplace. Design a feature wall that compliments the rest of the room while still standing out!

Have fun and get creative when designing a feature wall in your home. Keep in mind that a feature wall is effective because it is an accent.

Here are some photos of feature walls to get you inspired!



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