Creating a space for your kids!

Are you in need of a play room to keep your kids out of your hair. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate space for the kids:

  1. Storage: Kids usually have more toys than they know what to do with so do yourself a favour and keep it neat and tidy with some great storage bins that are easy for the kids to access and also put their things away.
  2. Chalkboard: A large chalkboard is a great place for kids to doodle, learn to write or keep from writing on the walls.
  3. Bookshelf: Whatever kind of shelf it may be, keep a place for your kids to grab some books to open.
  4. Soft Rug: A large, soft, colourful rug will keep the space playful and easy on the little ones if they happen to fall.
  5. A place to sit: A small table and some chairs for your kids to do their homework or read is a great idea to keep them in one place. Make sure this piece is fun for your kids – try bean bag chairs instead of traditional ones!
  6. Funky Lighting: Last but not least, put in a cool light fixture your kids will go nuts for.

Whatever you choose to put in your kids playroom, the best tip is to make is perfect for YOUR kids. Let it be all about them and what they love so it’s a space to encourage their imagination.


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