Defining elements of the modern rustic style

Rustic warmth and charm combined with modern amenities seems to be what everyone is buzzing about.  Personally, I love modern and rustic interiors, so putting these two together is a no-brainer.  I love modern features with clean lines and the character that rustic elements add to the space!

The key to a modern rustic space is an open concept floor plan, large windows with natural light, preserved and exposed natural architectural elements, and modern furniture.  The colour scheme in a modern rustic interior is very simple and neutral, bringing the outdoors in.

An important factor when creating a modern rustic space is preserving original architectural details in the home like wooden beams or that old stone wall.  If you are building new, try using reclaimed wood, exposing your beams, or adding a stone fireplace.

The natural ambiance of a modern rustic home can be further expressed in your choice of linens, upholstery and rugs. Common choices include neutral tones in simple fabrics, such as sisal and jute, with little to no pattern.  If this is a style you love, keep your furniture as neutral as possible and, if desired, add pops of subtle pattern and colour with throw pillows and blankets.

An important thing to remember is to let the rustic elements shine in the architectural details while maintaining a balance with modern elements such as furnishings.  While this is the general rule, one thing you may choose to keep predominantly modern is the kitchen design.  You can even use those clean lines you love!

The convenience and style of the modern interior, with all of the charm and warmth of rustic living makes this style one I adore.



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