Design Tips for Functional Laundry Rooms

Large laundry rooms are always great but sometimes the square footage doesn’t allow for it, still these rooms should be comfortable and attractive. Here are some tips for your tight space:

  1. Counter space: A place to fold your clothes is a must amongst pretty much everyone who does laundry. Keep the counter space out of the way by adding it on top of your machines
  2. Upper Storage: Some storage for your laundry needs can be added above your machines for easy access and clean up.
  3. Hanging Space: Add a rod next to your upper storage – or below it – so you can hang those clothes that don’t go in the dryer.
  4. Sinks: if having a sink in your laundry room is a must but not much room, try stacking front load machines to add a sink to the side.
  5. Laundry Baskets: Of course, there needs to be a place for the dirty, and clean, laundry to go. Set up your laundry baskets for easy access for the whole family


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