Design Trend – Mixed Metals

Mixing metals used to be a huge “no-no”, but it has been trending recently and is no doubt carrying on into 2016. Matching every metal in the room to be the same used to be a general rule, but if you want to create a space with dimension and interest, mix your metals!  Mixing and layering cool metals such as, silver and chrome with warm metals such as, gold and brass will make your space dynamic and pop.

If you choose to have mixed metals in a space don’t forget to incorporate other metallic pieces to create repetition and rhythm in the room. Pick a dominant metal to create an overall sense of unity and then choose one or two accent metals to create subtle contrast.

By breaking the rules this opens the door for more design opportunities. Navy blue, indigo and denim hues are emerging colours in the interior design world so don’t be afraid to bring warmth to a cool space by adding warm metals!



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