Ideas for Interior Decorating: Break the Mould…

When thinking up ideas for interior decorating, a lot of designers struggle to get away from the norm. And with corporate chains owning the vast majority of interior design retail outlets – who can blame them.


Complaints like: “my living room ended up looking like an Ikea showroom,” or “in my house, you would swear you just walked into Pottery Barn,” are all too common. And sorry, but yes, this impacts everyone from high end home owners, to those on a budget.


In this post, I want to present some simple, quirky, ideas for interior decorating that will break the mould.


And the best news is: they are REALLY budget savvy…


Mixing Contemporary and Vintage


The mixture of two styles is a great way to create a unique and intriguing interior space. Although there are some interior decorating styles that don’t mixed well together. Finding the right balance can make all the difference.


When something vintage or antique partners up with a room that’s clean and contemporary it is undeniable how effective the result is. Contrasting styles can create wonderful depth of character and give your home a charming, unique feel. For example: incorporating a vintage chair or set of chairs in a room with pre-dominantly sleek, contemporary features produces an unscripted, unique design style.

Ideas for Interior Decorating: Mixing old and newkitchen designed with old school table, chairs and light fittings against a moden kitchen designstunning example of combining old and new design styles



Mix & Match Floor Tiles

This brand new trend may have you scratching your head – but you can’t deny it’s unique practicality. Mixing different floor tiles together is definitely one of the most quirky, modern design trends out there. The best thing about this style is that few rules need to be followed. The floor is a blank canvas and you have the power to do what you will with it. Check out these examples:


Interior Décor ideas with a difference Interior decorating ideas for colourful patterned tiles selection Floor tiles blending colour into shades



Ideas for Interior Decorating with Patterns & Prints

Turning to solid colours is the easy choice to run with when you are presented with an overwhelming selection of patterns. But where overuse of patterns can be a kick to the senses, overuse of solids can be dull and feel heavy.

A great way to add patterns to your space is with accent chairs, sofas, pillows or even drapes. If the rest of your space is extremely neutral, try to go bold with your choices. This will make the space look modern and edgy. If you’re unsure of how to mix some patterns a good tip is to make sure both patterns have at least one of the same colour included.

Bedroom ideas for patterned fabrics Colorful printed chair fabric

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