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At Designs With Jessica, we know that great kitchen designs are essential to the overall feel of a home. An intriguing yet functional design, with the right use of colour and texture, is key to creating an exceptional space for eating, laughing and living.

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Of paramount importance is the quality of the materials. The kitchen is one of the most used and most expensive rooms in your home. You will need a specialist kitchen designer who can design a beautiful, functional room that lasts the test of time.



Unlike many kitchen designers, Designs With Jessica are independent from the kitchen supply companies. So we are free to guide you through the product market and make sure you get great quality - at the right price.



Whether you like edgy and eccentric, modern clean lines, or ornate and organic shapes, your kitchen can be tailored to your every need.


A few kitchen design ideas that combine cutting edge technology, relaxed living and attention to detail include:



1. Classic white

White kitchens are very popular and for good reason: it communicates cleanliness and projects a light, positive mood. White kitchens are great for incorporating any design. They allow you to change your style at any point in time by simply changing other aspects, for example, your counter tops or interior décor.

2. Stainless Steel

While stainless steel appliances have been around for a while, stainless steel is now being incorporated in a new way to kitchen designs. Backsplashes with a stainless steel finish add a modern yet sophisticated touch. Stainless steel is a great neutral effect for any space so whatever style or colours you favour, it can be incorporated.

3. Daring contrast

When black and white come together, the effect is always dramatic. This kitchen design, done properly can be beautiful and sophisticated. The key is “balance”. Black and white are both very neutral, but very bold, so adding some tasteful accessories to your decor will bring your kitchen to a completely different level. And because these colours are neutral - you can use them with any design style.

4. Grey is the new brown

A popular interior trend is grey. This is said to be the modern neutral and it can be achieved when shades of grey are superimposed on a modern and bright looking room. Complete the look with a white quartz countertop and a glass backsplash – this will make your kitchen timeless.

Are you looking for a stylish kitchen design where practicality meets luxury? At Designs with Jessica, we specialize in kitchen renovations and we pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach to the job.



For more information on our design process or for a free consultation with our kitchen designer, get in touch with us on 647-967-6638 or via our  contact page.