Kitchens gone bad!!!

Badly designed kitchen

Applying the ‘each to their own’ rule works for choices of taste. However, there are some absolute no go zones when it comes to functional design.

Unfortunately, this kitchen has mowed over every one of those no go zones. It’s a new kitchen gone nasty! Take a deep breath, lean in and let us fill you in on what’s gone wrong so you can avoid replicating this nastiness at your place.

Let’s start with the narrow cabinets to the left of the oven. It's anybody’s guess as to what could be stored in them, a single baking tray perhaps? A better fix would have been to move the oven very slightly to the right, added a fixed panel to each side just like the ones already at the top and bottom of the oven and voila! Awkwardness gone. Using that space for open display shelves with access from the side would have worked a treat.

Venturing a bit over into personal taste territory, but honestly it has to be said. How about the splash back? It doesn’t exactly match or definitely contrast the floor tiles. In cases like these, it's always better to go high contrast over low contrast. We think this was a moment to just paint it black.

The absolute worst design nastiness in this new kitchen is the two gable ends running to the floor on either side of the oven. Aside from introducing intersecting vertical lines, which have no purpose, they’ll make floor cleaning a real pain. That’s double nastiness that could have been easily and simply avoided.

Maybe we’re being ultra picky, but we’ve been dismayed to see these types of flaws in new kitchens. We can’t honestly recommend using a cabinetmaker to design your kitchen, as they are primarily manufacturers. However, if you do choose a cabinetmaker who offers design as part of their service, don’t be afraid to ask what design qualification they hold. That one simple question could be the difference between delight and another new kitchen gone nasty. If you have a kitchen horror story - let us know on our Facebook page!

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