Open Shelving

Traditionally, kitchens have cabinetry to store all your cooking and eating ware, where it’s all hidden neatly (or not) inside the cabinets so no one can see. A very modern and trendy design is having opening shelving in the kitchen, exposing all your cooking and dinnerware. This may sound unappealing to a lot of people but this is such a great way to bring your kitchen to life, not to mention it makes it easier to find things! Opening shelving in a kitchen really allows for more light to travel through the space, and can also make a small kitchen look bigger. The heaviness of cabinetry can make the kitchen look cluttered and claustrophobic. This is your chance to show off some of your awesome cookware and dishes and suddenly your cookware doubles as décor in the kitchen – lots of people overlook the kitchen when decorating because they think the cabinets’ act as décor.


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