Reasons to hire an interior designer

Inspiration to create stunning interior spaces is easy to find thanks to countless sources, most popular ones being Houzz, HGTV, and Pinterest.  These sources are perfect for helping people come across great ideas, find their personal style and get excited, but it takes a true professional designer to properly implement the vision. Below are 5 reasons why hiring an interior designer is a good idea:


Project management:

Throughout their careers, interior designers build strong relationships with professional and reliable electricians, painters, architects, plumbers and other contractors who you can trust. When you hire an interior designer to manage your projects your headaches are eliminated, all of the details are taken care of.

Solve any problems:

An experienced designer is trained to come up with solutions to problems quickly and efficiently.  When an inexperienced homeowner comes across a testing dilemma, it takes more time to find a way to fix it and gives way for more mistakes to be made and more money to be spent.

Save time and even money:

Scale and proportion as well as paint colours are two of the most common ways people end up spending money to fix bad choices. For amateur designers, purchasing pieces of furniture the right size to fit properly in their home and choosing appropriate colours can be a challenge.  Don’t waste your time and money with trial and error, hire a professional and have it done right the first time!

Keep you on track:

There are endless design possibilities and they come in different styles and price ranges.  It can get very overwhelming to a nonprofessional when faced with too many options.  As interior designers we listen carefully to the goals you have for your home and with that we create the perfect design to reflect your personal style while staying in your time frame price range.

Knowing what’s best:

Designers know what is helping homes sell and what design choices aren’t contributing anything to the value of the home.  By hiring a professional and reliable interior designer, you can ensure that the right products and finishes will be chosen and the right aspects of your home will be focused on.  There is money to be made when you choose to hire an experienced professional.



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