Our walk in closet designs are the key to your personal statement room...


Walk in closets are the perfect compliment to your master retreat. The best walk in closet designs are not only beautiful, but functional as well. Maximising the availability of space is key. Our designers are trained to be creative when it comes to space planning in walk in closets. They will help you understand the art of the possible and create a range of options based on your needs.

walk in closet designs
Walk in closet designed with back lighting
Pale grey walk in closet
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At Designs With Jessica we consider all the elements when creating new concepts. Every person and every home is different so there is never a one-size-fits all solution. Typically though, there are several common factors to think about when developing walk in closet designs:


1.  Your closet needs to function

Walk in closets are primarily functional i.e. storing your clothing and accessories. Experienced walk in closet designers will raise your functional perspective to the next level. They will make you think about what your morning routine looks like and how you can design your walk in closet to make that routine easier. For example: Do you want to apply makeup in your walk in closet? Do you get dressed in the walk in closet or take your clothes back to your bedroom? Do you share it with your partner? These functional elements are important to think about when coming up with a concept for the walk in closet design.


2.  Design - walk in, then look and feel

We have figured out your functional requirements, now we want to develop your design concept. Again, there are myriad options to consider when working on your walk in closet design. Do you want your closet hidden? Or removed from the central theme? Do you want it to flow through as an open plan concept extension to the room? Would you like it to connect two or more rooms? What style should it be? Should it compare, contrast or blend with the connecting areas? Once we have your functional and design requirements, we can develop your 3D drawings and choose materials.



3.  Choice of Materials

Your closet materials should be chosen just as carefully as the clothes hanging in it. The functional and design stages of the concept realisation will help guide your selection. The materials that you chose will impact cost, longevity and ambiance. If your walk in closet is a space where you like to take your time getting ready and want to feel calm and stress-free, then choosing soft colours and woods is key. On the other hand you may want a sharp, bright, minimalist theme - if so, go with strong metals and unsaturated shades.


4.  Finishing Touches for your closet design

Add accessories like a chandelier, mirrors and a small bench to finish off the look. Choosing the wrong ones can negatively impact space and functionality. For instance, over accessorizing a closet can create a cluttered, claustrophobic feel. Save the space for the shoes, belts and jewelry instead.

These are just some of the options available to our clients during the design process for your walk in closet.

To find out more about our walk in closet designs and our other interior design services or to book a free consultation with our walk in closet designer, get in touch with us at (647) 967-6638 or via our contact us page.