I’m Dreaming of White Kitchens…

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White kitchens are trending – and probably always will be. Being able to create a beautiful white kitchen is an essential part of any kitchen designers skill set – and here’s why:

Think about every doctor, optician or dentist you’ve ever been to – they all focus on white – from the machines they use, to the clothing they wear – and the reason for this is: white conveys hygiene. Cleanliness. Space. Simplicity.

And, in the kitchen, white can mean this and so much more. In this post, I’ll discuss 3 amazing advantages of introducing a white kitchen design to your home…


Interior Design Blog example of a Country white kitchen.
Stunning example of a white, country kitchen.


‘Get it Light’ when designing your dream kitchen.


The kitchen, above all other rooms, should be filled with natural light. When considering kitchen layout ideas and lighting plans, natural light needs to be one of the main considerations.


Where black and darker colours absorb light, white reflects it. This is a HUGE DEAL, especially when you are working with restricted natural lighting.


White kitchen cabinets promote natural light better than any other colour or combination of colours out there. The right shade of white kitchen cabinetry combined with the right counter top is the ideal solution for making the most out of your natural light sources.


Small white kitchens
Maximize the light in your small white kitchen space.



Promote your colour.


Now that you have all that wonderful light spilling across your kitchen, think about your colour scheme. White is a blank canvass to paint your inspiration on. A space where the natural colours of food & wine contrast and stand out.


Ultimately, the stronger the colour you use in your kitchen cabinets, the more you drown out the surrounding colour scheme. White on the other hand, allows you to boost your secondary colour scheme through the use of contrasting, accented items.


White kitchen cabinetry.
Contrast of dark wood and white kitchen cabinets.



Fashion costs money.


Fashions change when people get bored and want to move on. Just like the song on the radio that you got sick of listening to, or your hip new jacket that so quickly became ‘last seasons collection’, interior design trends change and the new becomes the old all to quickly.


One of the challenges with choosing strong or dark colours is that they are more ‘fixed’. It’s hard to alter the ambience without substantial re-investment on new counter tops or cabinetry.


White allows you to create longevity through evolution. You can dramatically change the colour scheme of your kitchen by introducing new wall hangings, plants or fruit baskets – simple, low cost items that can refresh your kitchens appearance without the headaches and cost of a kitchen re-design.


Easily change your kitchen design.
Re-work your theme by changing the accent wall, stools and light fittings.



This is just a sample of the broad range of benefits white kitchen designs can bring to your home. In one of my next posts I will look at how beautiful, white kitchens can be created in both rural and urban environments by leveraging the benefits of ‘white’.


If you would like to discuss your options for white kitchens with one of our kitchen designers please visit our contact us page or email us at info@designswithjessica.com


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